Mohave County Information
Mohave County, in northwest Arizona, has excellent water resources which boasts 1000 miles of fresh water shoreline, all part of Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Lake Havasau, and the Colorado River.
The Colorado River is the western border of Mohave County Arizona from Lake Mead south to just beyond Lake Havasu City. It provides lots of fishing and boating areas.
Mohave County is the crossroads of the American Southwest. I-40 crosses it with traffic east to west from border to border, and US 93 carries traffic north and south from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Mohave County also has the longest continuous stretch of Historic Route 66.

Along the way there is much to see and do. With a long history of serving travelers from wagon trains to interstate highways, you will find great restaurants to eat at, fuel stops of all sizes and lots to see and do.

Mohave County Arizona is a great place to hunt. If you enjoy hunting and fishing, Kingman, AZ is a great place to live! Mohave County Arizona offers some of the best hunting in the nation. If you have hunted in Mohave County before, you know of the diversity of wildlife and habitat that provide extraordinary hunting opportunities. If this is your first time hunting in Mohave County Arizona, you are in for a memorable experience.
Mohave County contains approximately 13,400 square miles of land. It has no less than 148 canyons within its boundaries, most of which help make up a large portion of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River that separates the top 1/3 of Mohave County from the bottom 2/3. The county is bordered by three rivers and one creek along with four lakes that are impounded behind dams on the Colorado and Bill Williams Rivers.

The county is intersected by 21 mountain ranges and the corresponding valleys in between. There are five climate zones in Arizona and Mohave County is the only county in the state that contains all five.

Mohave County is the fifth-largest county in the United States by land area. There are wide open spaces that are full of entertainment.

With its prime location, great weather, and easy accessibility, many people are choosing to reside in Mohave County. Mohave County has excellent water resources and boasts over 1000 miles of fresh water shoreline, all part of Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Lake Havasau, and the Colorado River.

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